My name is Jackson and I travel the world by bicycle burning fat not oil with my rescue dog Maggie (@veganheeler) spreading love to all beings we cross paths with. Our mission is simple: explore mother earth, tread lightly, compassionately, be of service to all beings, and inspire others to love themselves.

I am a daily vlogger on my YouTube channel (plantriotic) where I have published over 900 unique videos since 2014. I am a yoga instructor, ceramic potter, and animal lover.

I started making YouTube videos as a college student documenting my eating disorder recovery journey and building plant-powered muscle. In a span of 2 years I was able to gain 30lbs of muscle eating a healthy plant-based diet mainly consisting of raw fruits.

I have cycled self supported across America (Virginia Beach to Los Angeles), Italy, Thailand (Chiang Mai -> south), Malaysia, and I am currently on a journey riding from Alaska to Argentina.