Plantriotic Podcast Episode #1 with Jackson Foster

Plantriotic Podcast Episode #1 with Jackson Foster



The world is full of teachers, also know as “gurus”. The definition of a guru is “the remover of darkness”. Each week I will bring you a conversation with a guru in my life, in order to spread their light to you. In this first episode of the Plantriotic Podcast (The PP), I take the seat as the guru, in order for you, the listener, to learn a little bit more about me and what I am about. I had my good friend Abe conduct the interview. As you will hear in this episode, Abe knows me as a leader in a way most people in my life do not. I led Abe and a few other friends on a winter backpacking trip in the canyons of Utah that turned into a life threatening experience. Fortunately we are still here to tell the tale.

I am a college student, podcaster, vegan activist, peace activist, environmentalist, writer, outdoor enthusiast, plant powered athlete, son, brother, friend, and a yogi.

My Plantriotic mission is simple: 1) Inspire people to eat more plants. 2) Educate the world on the various benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. 3) Motivate people to stop eating animals and their bodily secretions (dairy and eggs).

Growing up in Los Angeles, I attended a demanding private high school where I was exposed to a path of material wealth and competitiveness that did not resonate with me on a spiritual level. After attending an alternative high school program in the Rocky Mountains of Leadville Colorado called the High Mountain Institute, I was guided onto the path that I ride today. A path of adventure, experiential learning, compassion, connection to nature and all beings, health, and sustainability.

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