PP#10: Ben Benulis – Food foraging on a fruit-based vegan diet


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It is still possible to live an Adam and Eve-like lifestyle in Southern California. Most people today source a majority of their food from supermarkets and grocery stores. If you are into food sustainability and buying local, you may shop at a farmers market or have an herb garden in your yard or on the window sill. Our guest today, Ben Benulis, sources roughly a third of his food from neighborhood fruit foraging. Ben, a raw fruit-based vegan, discovered that he was spending money at the grocery store on the same fruits he saw growing on trees while driving around his own neighborhood. After knocking on a few doors and making some friendly connections, Ben developed a roster of residents that allowed him to pick fruits off their trees at no cost. Ben became a hobby forager, and started a raw vegan and foraging YouTube channel called Whole Future with two thousand followers! Ben has been involved with the vegan fitness community in Austin Texas, and has attended the Woodstock Fruit Festival for the past three years. Ben is also one of the organizers of Fruitluck LA, which is a Meetup.com group bringing fruit eaters together to connect and share tasty food.

YouTube- Whole Future

Fruitluck LA

Woodstock Fruit Festival

Fruit Winter Festival

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