PP#11: Tal Ronnen – A conversation on culinary arts with LA’s Conscious Cook


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Good food can change someones life. Food is personal, intimate, and breaking bread at the table, or celery for that matter, is where relationships and new ideas are founded. Tal Ronnen, the chef and founder of Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles, is a unique kind of vegan activist. Tal has made his way onto the main stage having made appearances on The Oprah Show, Ellen, and in every major news show and magazine you can think of, in addition to being a grassroots community personality and cook. With vegan restaurants popping up everyone in major cities, Tal was inspired to get a culinary degree and open a restaurant due to the lack of high quality, well intentioned plant-based cuisine. When you think about it, most themes for vegan restaurants are just  that they are vegan, while all other restaurants have a specific cuisine they focus on. Crossroads Kitchen is a Mediterranean style fine dining establishment that just so happen to serve an entirely vegan menu. After graduating from New York’s Natural Gourmet Institute and coming out with his book The Conscious Cook, Tal became the leading plant-based chef and go to person for vegan dining advice and paradigm shifting ideas in making healthy food more readily available. Tal has worked with schools and hotels to implement healthy plant-based options onto more menus, believing that it should be a right for both children and adults to learn more about the impacts of their own plates and have convenient options to eat responsibly. While Tal has become a well deserved celebrity, I can say that he is one of the most down to earth, laid back, and genuine people I have ever met. You can find him daily at Crossroads, and I have no doubt that if you make it over there, you will have an awesome conversation with him.

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