PP#12: Harrison Greene – Training for the Olympics with a green thumb


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In our world of specialization, it’s difficult to be a master in more than one field. It is hard enough to find a single passion and give it your all while dodging around the distractions of our modern world, but imagine finding a few passions and committing yourself full on. Our guest today embodies what it means to follow ones heart with commitment, strategy and courage. Harry Greene is a pentathlete training as the US Olympic Center in Colorado Springs, working everyday on making it to the 2016 olympics. Not only is he trying to become number 1 in the world at his sport, which is a combination of five sports, but he is also an educated food grower. Harry helped start the Manitou Local First Grocer and also works with the Colorado Springs Food Rescue, which is a group of Colorado College students who redistribute edible but wasted food to people in need. Harry is a sustainability activist passionate about localizing our currently industrialized food system in order to promote a healthier, more ethical, and sustainable way of feeding the modern population. In this conversation Harry and I talk about what it means to go 110% in what ever you set your mind on, and having fun with good people in the process.

Harry Greene- Team USA

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