PP#13: Megan Elizabeth McDonnell – Discovering your own paradise


Aloha! Close your eyes and imagine your own unique paradise. Notice how it feels, the fragrances and smells, the tastes and sounds. Now ask yourself, will you be satisfied and happy living a life less than the comfort and joy of that paradise? This episodes guest, the beautiful and talented Megan Elizabeth McDonnell, said no to that question and chose paradise.

There is an epidemic in our world today where billions of people are accepting lifestyles that do not give them hope, happiness, nourishment and pleasure. Most of us work jobs that are less than enjoyable with little meaning, accepting bad as the new normal. Living in paradise like, I don’t know…Hawaii, may seem like a novelty too good to be true for many people experiencing life as a grind rather than a gift and journey. Megan Elizabeth is a perfect example of what it takes to get in the drivers seat of life and direct your own path to a place of bliss.

Megan is a vegan activist, low fat raw food educator, entrepreneur, author, YouTuber (Easy To Be Raw), artist, and Woodstock Fruit Festival Pioneer. After years of growing up sick and taken advantage of by the western medical system, Megan found a healthy and effective savior at Arnold’s Way, a raw vegan café in Pennsylvania. Megan was able to get fit, healthy, and most importantly regain her confidence and happiness through the power of raw foods and a close knit loving community.

In this episode we talk about what sort of raw food diet helped Megan achieve her amazing lifestyle change and where her vegan activism is going in the future. This in not only an episode to learn about the healthiest foods on the planet, but it is also a conversation that sheds some light on what it really takes to follow your dreams and the importance of place.

After spending an amazing few days with Megan and her various fruit eating companions, I will forever be bitten by the tropical bug. The fruit, sun, moisture, ocean breeze and sound of the Hawaiian wildlife seem to embody the vision of what my own paradise looks like. This episode was recorded in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, a place I can see myself calling home some day. Mahlo for listening.

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