PP#14: Max Wyman – Venturing off the path in search for a truer meaning

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There seems to be a trend with parents of millennials setting their children on predetermined paths for success and happiness. The problem with this well intentioned practice is that it creates a limited and uncomfortable space for children to grow up in, experiment, develop unique experience and live amongst the unknown. Similar to my approach, my best friend Max Wyman decided to divert paths after high school and embarked on a year long journey out of the academic constraints and learned from the soil, plants, animals, and different cultures around the world on a gap year. After farming around the US and Europe while documenting his experiences on a blog, Max went to the University of Michigan still not confident that he was done with experiential learning. After 2 year of school, Max decided to transfer to USC and take another semester off to create a project around the power of selfless service. Max collected suggestion of 100 acts of kindness he could preform around the world as small as opening the door for people and giving free hugs all the way to working in homeless shelters and buying strangers useful gifts. Max filmed the entire solo process and is currently working on editing his journey into a documentary film about people helping people. Max’s story thus far is one of surrendering to the unknown and leading with the heart in order to find one’s own unique definition of meaning, happiness, community and success.

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