PP#15: Ryan and Anji of Happy Healthy Vegan – Making vegan work for everyone


Do carbs make you fat? This is the age old question nutrition practitioners and experts have been debating for a long time. My experience with macro nutrient diets show that a high carb low fat approach wins every time for weight loss, increased energy, and overall health. There is a digital sanctuary that people go to review perspectives on this topic, and it’s called YouTube, maybe you have heard of it. Anji and Ryan of the Happy Healthy Vegan YouTube channel run one of the most well viewed and respected channels on discussing how to live a happy and healthy plant-based lifestyle. This dynamic duo weren’t always the characters they portray today. A decade ago Ryan and Anji were overweight, not very physically active and sporadically sick. After adopting a high carb mainly raw fruit-based approach to veganism Ryan and Anji got lean, fit, happy and decided to share their story with the world! Ryan and Anji help run the LA Fruitluck which is a fruit focused meetup group and gathering of high carb vegans. In addition to being vegan advocates, Ryan and Anji are also musicians with their dream pop indie band Lovespirals and The Chillcast with Anji Bee. Ryan and Anji promote that going vegan should not be dogmatic or restrictive, but rather a joyful exploration of discovering what makes you feel best.

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