PP#16: Jonah Kest – Experiencing life from an alternative perspective

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Experiencing life from an alternative perspective is a common trend amongst successful artists, entrepreneurs, and happy people. Handstands are one way to see life in a new way, and Jonah Kest spends a good portion of his day in this impressive inversion. Jonah is a college student at CU Boulder, yoga teacher, fitness expert and plant powered vegan athlete. Growing up in a family of devoted yoga practitioners and teachers, plant -based nutrition, meditation, mindfulness and asana were engrained into Jonah’s upbringing. At the age of 17 Jonah went through 200 hours of teacher training led by his father Jonny Kest at the Center for Yoga in Michigan, and now teachers a power style vinyasa flow with meditation and inner soul searching which he learned through a Vipassana meditation retreat. Jonah is also a vegan muscle builder using calisthenics and body weight exercises to attain his muscular and ripped physique. Jonah and I discuss the aspects of living a healthy lifestyle beyond just the plate, and how compassion, mindfulness, service and spirituality are key ingredients to both mental and physical well being.

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