PP#17: Evan Rock & Charles the Love Ambassador – Cultivating love through play in the Garden of Eden


“If the whole world was to suddenly realize that fruit was actually a viable food source, we could turn this world into Eden.” -Mango Wodzak

The Garden of Eden story has been around for millennia, symbolizing a place of peace, health and love. Most of the world today no longer resembles Eden. Cities, suburbs, factories and industrial agricultural projects have turned natural perfection into man made manipulations. But even though Eden is a place that seems unattainable to a lot of modern people living in 2015, this episode’s guests remind us that Eden still exists. Evan and Charles live on and operate a 17 acre permaculture fruit farm in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, but these are not Hawaiian natives. Evan grew up in Malibu California and got into selling real estate after school, soon finding that the mainstream notion that money brings happiness was far from the truth(Evan’s story can found on the Rich Roll Podcast). After a few years of embarking on the vegan and raw fruitarian path, Evan moved his life to Hawaii in hopes of living off his own land. While Charles was on a similar path, the spiritual brothers met and knew it was both their destinies to cultivate this community, farm and space they call “The Aina”. Evan and Charles are also helping to put on the Big Island Fruit Fest which is a FREE fruitarian gathering in Hawaii from April 20-May 5, 2015! Evan and Charles are men of love, health and peace. In this episode we discusses the importance of eating healthy living foods to set the foundation for happiness and success, but we also discuss how food is not the be all end all. There are a variety of equally important lifestyle practices that help bring more happiness into ones life such as spirituality, meditation, music, dance, play and thankfully we get into all these things in this episode. Please leave a review on the Plantriotic Podcast iTunes page!

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