PP#20: Vanessa Espinoza – Taking plant-based muscle to a whole new level

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There are not too many people that can play division 1 college basketball standing at just 5’3″. There are also not many women that size that can out lift a 6’2″ 190 pound man like myself, but Vanessa Espinoza is one of them. Vanessa is a personal trainer, animal rights activist, and a plant-powered vegan muscle builder. During her senior year of college, 11 years ago, Vanessa made her vegan transformation after becoming aware of the animal cruelty involved in eating meat, dairy, and eggs. Her love for fitness never faded, and she continued to push the limit into her diet change despite the mainstream consensus at that point that vegans could not be bodybuilders. Vanessa is now a 3x Colorado Golden Glove state champion in boxing with a 6-0 record, a contributing writer to Plant-Based Muscle: Know Your Own Strength , and has one of the most impressive physiques in female bodybuilding. Vanessa’s body is a tangible example of what consistency and dedication can look like. In 15 years Vanessa has never taken more than a week off the gym, always focusing on growth and mastering her craft to show that anyone can build an impressive muscular physique on a 100% cruelty free vegan diet.

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