PP#22: Shane Lory – How to feed the hungry with wasted food

shane lory

Although the world grows enough food to feed 14 billion people (twice the human population) one in seven people are lacking proper nutrition and calories. In addition, 33% of all food purchased ends up thrown away! World hunger is less an over population issue, and more of a food allocation issue. Shane Lory is a student at Colorado College and the director/founder of The Colorado Springs Food Rescue, which is a non profit organization that rescues edible food waste from restaurants, grocery stores, and cafeterias to give, for free, back the local community who are in need of food. After taking a gap year and traveling with a low budget around the world, Shane came face to face with poverty in America, and the magnitude of income inequality prevalent today. Shane is now a devout food justice and peace activist inspiring people to live sustainably, redefine food as a human right instead of a privilege, and purchase food responsibly.

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