PP#25: Izzy Davis – Teenage fruitbat reuniting team vegan


Going vegan in high school comes with its fair share of social complications. As teenagers start to experiment with drugs and alcohol friendships can fray, and lifestyle habits can take people in unhealthy directions. Izzy Davis found herself 17 years old and uninterested in the conventional “cool kid” path her and her friends were headed down. In early high school Izzy struggled with an eating disorder and exercise addiction. After healing those disorders Izzy knew she could not go down another destructive path and looked for a healthy new direction. Izzy found plant-based nutrition as an outlet and alternative to drinking and partying. Izzy is a part of the raw till 4 community, eating a high raw fruit-based diet with a high carb cooked meal for dinner. Izzy’s YouTube channel (Izzy .Davis) has 20,000 subscribers (as of March 2015). Izzy lets her viewers in on what she eats, who she hangs out with, her work outs and the concepts on her mind. Izzy is becoming a skilled pole dancer, which is a very challenging sport involving balance, flexibility and strength. Amidst all the unfortunate internet drama in the the vegan scene, Izzy’s perspective is simple, lets all remember we are a part of Team Vegan first and foremost.

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YouTube: Izzy .Davis

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