PP#27: Zhiwa Woodbury – Ecopsychology of climate change


In a way, we all share the same mother. No one escapes from their dependence on mother earth who provides our air, water, food and shelter. While most people would do anything to protect their own biological mother, humans are currently responsible for destroying the patron of life itself. With the increase of species extinction, oceans dying and the climate expressing great illness, humans are currently in a period of depression after decades of emotionally turning our heads on this crisis. As a buddhist, Zhiwa teaches that the human species must collectively go through a community grieving process in order to remain healthy and effective in this time of sorrow. In this conversation Zhiwa argues that local, organic, plant-based dietary choices are the easiest and most impactful way to fight for sustainability and eco rehabilitation.

Zhiwa Woodbury is an ecopsychologist, eco-activist, and spiritual practitioner with a doctorate in natural law. He recently earned his M.A. in East/West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies with emphasis in ecopsychology and spiritual counseling. He is currently writing a book on the psychology of the climate crisis entitled CLIMATE GRIEF: Changing the Way We Think & Feel About Our Climate in Crisis. 

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