PP#29: Rich Roll – Unleashing the Plant Power within


If the PlantPower movement is America’s call to action, Rich Roll is leading the campaign. He is the hope, inspiration, and role model for what it means to live a conscious, healthy, and successful plant-based lifestyle. Rich is a champion Ultra distance triathlete, an author of two books, his memoir Finding Ultraand his newest cook book and lifestyle guide creation The Plantpower Way co-authored with his wife Julie Piatt. Rich is also a world renowned speaker, has been featured in practically every magazine and news source including CNN, LA Times, Huffington Post, Outside, Mens Health & Fitness Magazine, and most importantly Rich is a podcaster, a husband and father of four.

After embarking on his journey with substance recovery, Rich found fitness and plant-based nutrition as his guide towards a brighter more fulfilling future. In just a few years and thousands of grueling hours of training, Rich was able to accomplish the Epic 5 Challenge, finishing 5 Iron Man’s on 5 Hawaiian islands in under a week, so Mens Health & Fitness Magazine named him one of the top 25 fittest human beings on the planet.

Beyond Rich’s athletic feats, he has shined as a leader in the fields of meditation, parenting, podcasting, and home schooling, or as he prefers to call it “Un-Schooling”. In this conversation Rich and I talk about the future of plant-based activism, environmental sustainability, how to write a best selling book, endurance training, raising healthy kids, art, podcasting and more.

I am so blessed and grateful to bring you this conversation with my friend and role model, Rich Roll. *BUY THE PLANTPOWER WAY TODAY*

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