PP#30: Mary Murphy – Art, activism, and animal rights


Artists are the most influential activists. Look into the history of any social justice movement or campaign and the iconic graphic art, songs, and poems are what people remember. Art is the universal language that transcends socio economic, gender, religious and race barriers. Mary Murphy is a poet who focuses on the topics of animal ethics, human ethics, food, sustainability, and peace. At 18 years old and a freshman at Colorado College, Mary has already self published two books, Connections, and If Slaughter Houses Had Glass WallsMary went vegan when she was 16 after working at Darbster, a vegan restaurant in south Florida where she grew up. Mary is highly involved in the vegan awareness community in Colorado Springs, and will be a summer intern at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in the summer of 2015. In this conversation Mary and I discuss the obstacles and benefits of going vegan in high school, how to stay socially engaged and how to have an understanding relationship with your family while transitioning to a plant-based diet. Mary also reads three of her powerful poems from her new book.

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