PP#31: Q&A with Jackson Foster – Frugivores, spiritual consciousness, social media, squatting, and caffeine

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The first ever Q&A episode of the Plantriotic Podcast! Honestly, while I love interviewing guests on the show and learning from inspiring people, once in a while I like to steal the microphone and get to speak my mind. I have gathered listener questions over the past week and answer some of them in this episode. PLEASE submit your questions for future podcasts to jackson@plantriotic.com. They can truly be about anything.

Topics discussed in this podcast:

– Transitioning to aย fruitarian raw vegan diet

-Ethical vegan vs. health vegan

-Squatting and weight lifting

-Experiences of heightened consciousness

-Plant-based travel tips

-Tea and coffee

-Environmentalย sustainability

-Coconut water

Thanks to all my friends and listeners who submitted questions! If your question was not answered, no worries, it will be answered in future episodes! Much Love!

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