PP#33: Michelle Muench – Thriving plant-based as a sexy yoga mama

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There is no such thing as being just a yogi, or a vegan, or a mom. We are all unique compilations of life experiences melded into being. The best way to describe Michelle Muench, in my own opinion, is the sexy, vegan, yoga mama. Most people know Michelle as Bananablondie108 on instagram and YouTube. Michelle documents her life on social media with a raw and honest look into her personality as a mother, a yogi, a health conscious plant-based eater, and a lover. After years and years of failing in every way possible in her own words, Michelle found solace in yoga and the simple high carb vegan lifestyle. The power of the internet brought Michelle together with her man, Jay of Plant Based Athlete. The two have joined forces to created an amazing new website called Thrivingplantbased.com. For just $9.99 a month you can become a member and get access to online yoga classes from Michelle (a 15 year yoga teacher!), daily food journals from Michelle and Jay, group coaching, and exclusive videos. In this conversation Michelle and I discuss the confluence between yoga and veganism, mothering as a vegan, social media, fitness, and relationships.

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