PP#34: Rachel Schwartz – The vegan trifecta – Nutritionist, bikini competitor, raw food chef


It’s so often that we do not listen to our own bodies. Instead we listen to fad diets, tabloids, the TV, our friends and various other sources that probably have no legitimate nutritional basis behind their claims. Rachel found herself in this dilemma. Passionate about looking her best and competing in a National bikini competition, she followed the path of her peers and coaches, eating a low carb, animal protein based diet. After months of calorie restriction, anger, and feeling terrible in her body, Rachel had enough and made a change. As a certified Nutritionist, Rachel found the high carb vegan diet and began putting it into her own practice. Over night she began to experience the benefits. Rachel is now a Certified Raw Food Chef, Fitness Professional, and Certified Nutritionist. She works with Chiropractic patients and helps them treat their health issues through a holistic nutrition foundation.

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