PP#35: Conor McMillen (aka HandyManBananas) – The secret ingredient is self LOVE

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The vegan health movement needs to go “beyond the kale.” While diet is the foundation to setting yourself up to live a healthy lifestyle, what ends up on your plate is only the beginning of the journey. Conor McMillen, aka HandManBananas, is a Family Systems Therapist, a lifestyle coach, YouTuber, and fruit-based athlete. Having struggled with substance addiction and depression for a decade, Conor found a plant-based diet combined with self love therapy to transform himself into a representative of positivity and health.

Conor is the founder of the annual Fruit Winter Festival in Chiang Mai Thailand. This is a FREE event where anyone can meet in Thailand and share a vegan experience together while participating in hikes, site seeing, talks, and amazing fruit. Fruit Winter will be held January 8-17, 2016.

Conor also has an active YouTube channel called HandyManBananas. On this channel Conor discusses a variety of concepts from diet, to fitness, spirituality, anatomy and mental health in addition to day in the life Vlogs.

Conor is the author of three eBooks which include Raw vegan recipes and poetry.

In this conversation Conor and I discuss what it truly means to be healthy, and what it takes to get there. Conor explains his method of therapy which he used to transform his own life for the better. Additionally we discuss diet, the raw vegan community, YouTube and Acro Yoga.

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