PP#36: Julie Piatt – Life in dance with the divine

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The way we live has a direct impact on the people who we share our lives with from spouses, to children, friends, teachers, co-workers and even strangers we pass by. Our own habits are so influential to others that it is ever persons responsibility to live in the best light they know. Julie Piatt aka “SriMati” is a mother, a spouse, musician, chef, author, and spiritual practitioner that lives life in dance with the divine.

Julie’s path towards wellness and health is not linear. Struggling with family acceptance at a young age, substance abuse and marital break ups, Julie discovered yoga and plant-based nutrition which served as an angel to her life’s trajectory. Julie developed a diagnosed incurable cyst on her neck, which she was able to treat through alternative medicine of diet and ayurvedic herbs.

As the wife of the elite Ultra triathlete Rich Roll, Julie became a master plant-based chef needing to satisfy the needs of a high performance athlete, four children, and the wandering artists and spiritual teachers that found themselves in Julie’s home tucked away in the Malibu Mountains.

Julie and Rich have co-authored many pieces together including a MindBodyGreen course called the The Ultimate Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition, an eCookbook called Jai Seed, a meditation program called Jai Release, and finally an amazing hard cover lifestyle guide and cookbook called The Plantpower Way.

Julie is also a musician and created a band comprised of her and her two sons called SriMati. Her two albums are available for purchase on the website.

In this conversation with Julie we discuss the most positive direction for a vegan activist, eating for enlightenment over nutritional specificity, raising and educating vegan kids, personal transformation, yoga and more.

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