PP#5: Gene Baur- Conscience of the Food Movement


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Imagine a wold where no individuals are harmed. No domestic violence, no discrimination, and no harming of the innocent, emotional, and free thinking animals we share our planet with. While it sounds obvious to strive toward such a state, we currently live in a world very removed from these universal principles of peace and harmony. Gene Baur is a person who is a servant to humanity that is inspiring people to strive towards living in line with your hearts values. As the co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur has been deemed by Time Magazine as the conscience of the food movement. Gene went from a meat eater, to vegan veggie dog salesmen at Grateful Dead concerts, undercover animal agriculture reporter, grad from California State Northridge and Cornell School of Agriculture, to a now 25 year vegan and leading animal equality activist in the world. Gene  has won an Intelligence Squared Debate against popular livestock farmer Joel Salatin, and has been featured in every magazine and paper you can think of including being profiled in the world renowned documentary Forks Over KnivesGene is also a triathlete, showing people that you can be fit, healthy, and powerful on a cruelty free diet. Gene has testified on behalf of animals in local, state, and federal court, and has been a mover behind many of the ethical reforms made in the abusive livestock industry. Gene is the author of his book Farm Sanctuaryand has a new book coming out in the spring of 2015 called Living the Farm Sanctuary Life.

Farm Sanctuary

Intelligence Squared Debate

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