PP#55: Chris Kendall – How raw foods can change your mental game

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Want to know what is even more extreme than eating a 100% raw food vegan diet? Not wanting to live at all. Chris Kendall of the TheRawAdvantage.com was not always the happy go lucky raw vegan chef yoga instructor we know him as today. Growing up in Canada Chis suffered from severe depression that affected his social life, family relationships and school work. Deep into the skate boarding scene, Chris developed common youthful habits around junk food and late nights that only made his depression worse. Finally in desperate need of a truly helpful intervention, Chris discovered the power of raw foods and how they were able to change the state of his mental and emotional game.

Since feeling the benefits of a low fat raw vegan diet, Chris has devoted his live to helping others succeed on a low fat raw vegan diet to optimize peoples happiness, health and productivity. He has become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, pioneer at the Woodstock Fruit Festival, yoga teacher, founder of The Raw Advantage, raw vegan chef, retreat host (which you can learn about on his website), and has studied under teachers such as Dr. Douglas Graham.

Chris now hosts retreats in Costa Rica that focus on raw foods, yoga, spirituality and athletics in addition to posting informative and entertaining YouTube videos on his channel TheRawAdvantage.



YouTube: TheRawAdvantage

Instagram/Twitter: @therawadvantage


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