PP#59: Tim Van Orden – Change your heart, change your life, change the planet

“Change your heart, change your life, change the planet.” The “health” and “vegan” movements together focus too narrowly on diet alone as the one stop habit change to propel you towards optimal health. In reality, health is a much more comprehensive path in which diet plays a key role but still serves as a fraction of the entire process. Even though Tim has¡ been an advocate of a high-fruit, raw foods, vegan diet since 2004, he is famously known for going “beyond the kale” and investigating the emotional and psychological aspects of our lives that can bring us towards improved health.

Tim is a pioneer at the Woodstock Fruit Festival, where this conversation was recorded, and also works as an online coach, YouTuber, and competitive athlete. Tim was named “U.S. Masters Runner of the Year”, four times, and he’s garnered ten U.S. Trail Running Championship titles at 10k, 15k, Half, Marathon, and 50k. In addition, Tim has finished top ten in the world championships of stair climbing, snowshoe racing and mountain running.

Tim has been a guest on a variety of other impressive YouTube channels and Podcasts including liferegenerator and the Rich Roll podcast.

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