PP#69: Aaron Stuber & Jackson Long – Thought For Food Podcast hosts discuss the microbiome, vegan parenting and injury prevention


My guests today are two of the most qualified individuals to start cohosting a plant-based nutrition, athletics and sustainability podcast. Their new show is called Thought For Food. Jackson Long is a college student at CU Boulder studying human physiology, he is an elite cyclist/endurance athlete as a vegan, and has recovered from both an eating and exercise disorder in his recent past. Aaron, his good friend and cohost, is a plant-based registered cardiac nurse, also a endurance athlete, and he is a new father to a healthy vegan child.

The podcast and social media worlds are saturated with a variety or channels and shows that frequently discuss the same list of topics based on experience and word of mouth. But considering the vast array of information these two guys have on the topics we are all interested in, the Thought For Food podcast has the chance to be a groundbreaking show that discusses evidence based theories and solutions to truly optimizing our health, fitness and environmental footprint. Not to mention these guys have a great comedic relationship which keeps things educational but also funny and entertaining at the same time.

In this episode the three of us discuss why Aaron tries not to shower or use soap, how to prevent injuries and get long lasting fitness results, the importance of fiber over protein, and how to raise a healthy vegan child.

Both Aaron and Jackson were guests during the early stages of the Plantriotic Podcast on episodes 8 & 9.



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