PP#7: Jaclyn Silsby – Playing plant powered in D1 women’s Soccer


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A lot of people know a vegan diet can be healthy for a moderately active, fit individual. But when it comes to elite athletes, many people think a relatively low protein plant-based diet is out of the question. Today I bring you the talented, beautiful, and compassionate Jaclyn Silsby, Division 1 soccer player at Colorado College. A little less than a year ago, Jaclyn transitioned to a vegan diet essentially over night. No vegetarian transition needed, Jaclyn exposed herself to the reality of factory farming through the movie Earthlingsand never looked back. Jaclyn has had to learn to defend and justify her diet and lifestyle habits amongst a meat and animal product pushing athletic community. Jaclyn is also going to veterinary school after Colorado College, to hopefully run a business and spread the plant powered message in the vet community alongside her vegan fiancé, Harrison. I believe it can be useful to hear from someone who only recently has adopted a vegan diet, and hear about the struggles and future goals as her vegan journey continues. Jaclyn embodies the practice of listening to your heart and letting the actions follow.

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