PP#71: Peter Breslow – Reporting for NPR from Mt. Everest to the South Pole

As a podcaster, I couldn’t skip the opportunity of taking a radio journalism class from NPR’s Weekend Edition senior producer Peter Breslow. Peter took a month off from work last year to teach at Colorado College, and back this year for a second time, it looks like his class will become an annual CC tradition. His class was one of the most valuable and entertaining courses I have taken during my college experience.

Peter has reported and produced from around the country and the world from Mt. Everest to the South Pole. During his career he has covered military conflicts in a half dozen countries, had his microphone splattered with rattlesnake venom and played hockey underwater.

Over the years, Breslow has been honored with three Overseas Press Club awards: 1989 for Homecoming: Return to Vietnam, 1998 for Israel at 50 and 1999 for NPR’s Kosovo Coverage. Among his other awards are a share of the 2002 duPont-Columbia Award for NPR’s coverage of 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan; and the 2003 duPont-Columbia Award for NPR’s coverage of the war in Iraq. He also received a William Benton Fellowship in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Chicago.

In 1988, Breslow won a coveted Peabody Award for his series of reports, Cowboys on Everest. Microphone in hand, he joined members of the Wyoming Centennial Expedition as they scaled the snow and ice up 23,000 feet on Mount Everest’s North Ridge.

A native of River Edge, New Jersey, Breslow worships Muddy Waters, is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and an Eagle Scout.

At the end of our podcast conversation Peter tried my banana nice cream…and loved it. You can watch our time together on my vlog here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNlccG-BaMU

(Excerpts taken from http://www.npr.org/people/2100288/peter-breslow)

Connect with Peter:

Twitter: @pbreslow


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