PP#76: Nicolas Delon – Philosophizing about the moral status of animals

The question that decides the fate, happiness and safety of tens of billions of sentient beings on this planet is whether or not animals deserve some level of moral rights to live a fair life free of captivity and suffering. In 2016, the disturbing reality is that most sentient animals have little to no rights and are considered by law and many industries to be inanimate forms of property rather then individuals and people.

Nicolas Delon is a philosopher and professor at NYU teaching in the revolutionary and pioneering field of animals studies. Animal studies operates under the wing of the Department of Environmental Studies at NYU and provides students with a minor degree in the moral, environmental and political impacts our relationship with animals raised for food, clothing and medical testing have in our modern world. Nicolas, who is a part of the Animal Studies Initiative, and the department teach undergraduate classes and offer public events to educate and provoke questions to the student body and NYC residents on the profound impact food has on our health, fitness, and environmental footprint. Nicolas’s hope is to increase the momentum of new animal studies programs cropping up in colleges and universities around the country and world.

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