PP#8: Aaron Stuber “The Plant-based RN” – Teaching healthcare within a sick-care system

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“Healthcare” is a deceiving term. In most western societies we associate healthcare with drugs, vaccines, and surgeries, as if the body is always out of balance. I prefer to call this method sick-care, treating peoples symptoms to disease with short term fixes rather than long term solutions and prevention. What both Aaron Stuber (The Plant-based RN) and I have discovered is that the body is a highly efficient and relentless machine whose natural state is health and functionality. Similar to a high performance car, no matter how fancy the hardware is inside, without proper fuel the machine is useless. While completing his Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon Health & Science University, Aaron began personally studying the relationship between diet, lifestyle, and health, landing him in the position of going plant-based (vegan) or going against the science. He took the leap 10 years ago, and continues today spreading the message within the cardiovascular care sector. Aaron sees dozens of patients a day with purely nutritional and lifestyle diseases that can be cured nearly instantly with simple things like food and exercise. Disturbingly, patients are not offered these treatments and instead are advised to take the path of medication, pills, discomfort, expenses, and risk. Aaron proactively has launched his own business, The Plant-Based RN. LLC, in hopes to coach people on how to achieve true vitality and health the easy and fun way. Aaron is also a competitive ultra runner and trains year round competing in longer and longer running races. It’s people like Aaron that give me hope about infiltrating the sick-care system with honest, holistic health care.

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