PP#80: Gabriella Palko – How animal agriculture is destroying the planet and what we can do to stop it

I transferred out of art school to an environmentally focused liberal arts college because I wanted to work within the establishment in order to enact environmental change for our planet, the animals that occupy it, and own human species. While I will be graduating in weeks with a degree in Environmental Policy, pursing environmental law or an academic career in general is not my path. It turned out that the vision I had of what the world needed, a young vegan environmental policy maker, was meant to be filled by my good friend Gabby, not me.

Gabby is also a senior environmental policy major at Colorado College, and recently wrote an astonishingly impressive 127 page undergraduate thesis on the harmful impacts of animal agriculture and what we can do to stop it. Gabby is a vegan activist, athlete, skier and aspiring environmental lawyer interested in focusing on food and agriculture policy. She is a true inspiration to me as a friend, activist, and fellow student.

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