PP#9: Jackson Long – Pedaling to the pros on a plant-based path


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It’s tough enough going vegan midway through college, but Jackson Long, our guest today, is also training to become a pro cyclist. During his second year at CU Boulder, Jackson decided to take a semester off and devote his time to training around the clock. Attempting to dial into his nutrition to get as fit and lean as possible while keeping power, Jackson began experimenting with the Paleo diet. A few weeks into intense calorie restriction and low-carb living, Jackson found himself extremely lean, and eventually sick. Jackson got so sick on this diet that he had to stop training, wasting his first opportunity of getting signed on a pro team. This left him soul-crushed and eager to really figure out the optimal training diet. Jackson was exposed to the documentary Forks Over Knives and the book the China Study, which gave him the confidence to give plant-based a try. Half a year later, Jackson is still passionately on the diet, making progress in his training, and becoming a vegan advocate. Jackson started a vegan club on the CU Boulder campus, which I had the privilege of speaking at during their first event. As college students, Jackson and I get into the “conspiracy” talk about the USDA, big ag, the pharmaceutical industry and so on. This episode teaches us the importance of listening to the body, rather then the mind, in certain situations. Making the connection between the mind, body, spirit and heart is the most efficient way to succeed in any goal, big or small.

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